Two gold cards read "organ donor" and "tourist"; two orange cards read "box of kittens" and "car accident."

Storymatic Monday – 1st January

We talked a bit about this last year, so we’re kicking off the new year in style, with a Storymatic Monday. Basically, every Monday we post a new set of Storymatic prompts and you guys, if feeling so inspired, write something based on them. Simple, right? As a general guide gold cards are characters and Read more about Storymatic Monday – 1st January[…]

Semi-sepia image of the outside of The Old Boston Coffee Shop

New Site, New Meet-Up Location and Instagram

First off, we’ve a new site, which… should be quite obvious given you’re reading this on it, but it deserves its own mention nonetheless.  We even, after all these years, finally have a proper web address too, which you can see just by looking up.  Huge thanks to ML Raeble for organising it! A New Read more about New Site, New Meet-Up Location and Instagram[…]

Screenshot of a grey Discord chat room showing the lighter-grey text "Text channels: #introduction #general #challenges #camp_nano #nanowrimo"

New Chat Rooms! And More About Tumblr!

First of all, this ML [Kachi] wants to apologise for their recent inability to keep this site updated with current news.  As some of you are aware, life got a tiny bit difficult for me during November and December, but hopefully I can get back onto something of an even keel now. New chat room Read more about New Chat Rooms! And More About Tumblr![…]