Screenshot of a grey Discord chat room showing the lighter-grey text "Text channels: #introduction #general #challenges #camp_nano #nanowrimo"

New Chat Rooms! And More About Tumblr!

First of all, this ML [Kachi] wants to apologise for their recent inability to keep this site updated with current news.  As some of you are aware, life got a tiny bit difficult for me during November and December, but hopefully I can get back onto something of an even keel now. New chat room Read more about New Chat Rooms! And More About Tumblr![…]

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New Social Media Account

As well as posting daily prompts via Twitter, we now have a Tumblr account: It’s got all the content from the Twitter stream, but for some it might be a handier way of sharing stories and ideas since there’s no character limit.  Or you just might not have Twitter and still want to participate.  The more Read more about New Social Media Account[…]